Priority Points

Friar Points are calculated as follows:

The Priority Point System is designed as a way for the Athletic Department to reward a donor's loyalty. The system awards a point for every dollar given annually to the Athletic Department and a half point for every dollar given annually to Providence College. The points are then used to determine the order for season ticket upgrade requests as well as the ability to obtain tickets to away games and tournament play, based upon availability. The points are cumulative and valid for a four-year cycle.

Priority Point System

Priority Points Example

Friar Dom, a dedicated alum to Providence College, gave $5,000 to the Men's Basketball Program, $250 to the Field Hockey program, and $200 to the PC Fund this past year. In addition, Friar Dom has been a men's basketball season ticket holder for the past 10 consecutive years.

As a result of his generous donations he receives a total of 5,390 priority points.

Friar Dom's Priority Points

Category of Giving Point Calculation Total Points
Athletics (1 point for every $1) $5,250 x $1 5,250
PC Fund (½ point for every $1) $200 x ½ 100
Men's Basketball STH
(10 points/consecutive years)

*4 year maximum
4* years x 10 40
Total 5,390 points

Priority Points Notice

* The Friars Forever Fund Staff reserves the right to award priority points for additional miscellaneous events

- Priority points are based on total amount given
- Pledges will not count towards point total

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